Denmark’s draft IT architectu…

Denmark’s draft IT architecture open for comment


Denmark’s Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen - DIGST) is inviting comments on its draft IT architecture for digitalisation of the public sector. The document sets out the IT principles for the country’s 33 digitisation initiatives.


Part of the light blue cover page of Denmark's IT architecture white paper


The ‘Whitepaper on architecture for digitisation’ describes eight principles for IT development in the public sector:

  • The architecture is managed appropriately at each level;
  • The architecture promotes consistency, innovation and efficiency;
  • Architecture and regulation support one another;
  • Security, privacy and trust are assured;
  • Processes are optimised;
  • Good data is shared and reused;
  • IT solutions work together; and
  • Data and services are delivered reliably.


The goal is to promote consistency across the public sector’s digital solutions.

The IT architecture is to create coherent, harmonised government services, DIGST explains in the introduction to the whitepaper. Across the central government alone, it counts more than 4000 different IT systems, and there is at least as much variety in municipalities and regions. Denmark also has several country-wide eGovernment services, including the NemID eSignature service, the Digital Post governmental email box, and, the eGovernment services platform.

“With the eGovernment Strategy 2016-2020, central government, municipalities and regions have set an ambitious targets for the further digitization of the Danish public sector”, DIGST writes. One challenge is to increase coherence, so that services are the same across public administrations. Data should be collected only once, and public administrations must be able build on each others’ knowledge.

Together with the IT architecture whitepaper, DIGST is also opening up for comments its draft report on data sharing between public administrations. For both documents, comments can be submitted until the end of March.

More information:

Announcement by DIGST (in Danish)
Announcement by DIGST (in Danish)

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