Digital Agenda Norway: user-f…

Digital Agenda Norway: user-friendly eGovernment

Published on: 26/04/2016

Norway wants to make its eGovernment services more user-friendly, writes Jan Tore Sanner, the minister responsible for government modernisation, in a report to parliament on the Digital Agenda for Norway.

Infographic from the Digital Agenda for NorwayNorway is one of the most digitally mature countries, with well-developed eGovernment services, the government writes. “However, studies show that these services can be more user-friendly.”

Sanner, the Minister for Local Government and Modernisation, submitted the ‘DigitalAgenda for Norway’ report to parliament on 14 April.

The ICT policy must be based on the main challenges that businesses and citizens face in terms of productivity, readjustment and rationalisation, the government writes in the in introduction.

The eGovernment policy sets out five ICT policy priorities:

  • It should be user-driven;
  • ICT is essential for innovation and productivity;
  • Increased digital literacy and participation;
  • Effective digitisation of the public sector;
  • Good privacy and good information security.


The report sets high ambitions for digitisation, comments DIFI, Norway’s Agency for Public Management and eGovernment. “We are ready, and will do our part to make the public sector more efficient and user-friendly”, the agency quotes its director Ingelin Killengreen, as saying.

Norway’s new Digital Agenda will be part of DIFI’s ‘digitisation conference’, which will take place on 9 and 10 June.


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