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Italy organises digital transformation hackathon

Published on: 27/09/2017
Last update: 02/11/2017

On 7 and 8 October, Italy’s governmental Digital Transformation Team is organising a country-wide hackathon, inviting software developers, IT experts and students to help make public-sector software more accessible and easier to use. The developer meetings are scheduled to take place in 25 cities across Italy.

The hackathon is intended to kick off open source software development projects that contribute to Italy’s key digital services. Examples include the new eID system SPID, the electronic payment solution PagoPA, and the national citizens registration system ANPR. The code of all of the projects involved is hosted on the Developers Italia website, the portal managed by the Digital Transformation Team.


The Hack.Developers hackathon is expected to bring together some 800 participants. They will start working on tools, solutions and processes to boost the digitisation of Italy’s public sector. “We want to reboot our country’s operating system”, the Digital Transformation Team explains.

One month after the event, the organisers will select the best projects. Representatives will be invited to come to Rome to receive an award of vouchers worth several thousand euros.

The team was created last year to speed up government digitisation.

In recent weeks, the team members have been touring the country, explaining their goals to software developer communities in Milan, Turin, Florence, Bari and Rome.

More information:

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