Don´t miss this unique event

Annual conference of Major Cities of Europe - Leipzig 28th - 30th May, 2018


This year's annual conference of Major Cities of Europe (MCE) will be hosted and organized together with the Municipality of Leipzig at the Kongresshalle ( The overarching theme of the conference is “Are we ready? Taking the digital city to the next level”. MCE as THE leading IT Users Group is a non-profit and independent organisation of CIO’s, IT Managers, Smart City leaders, Heads of Departments and Policy Makers of Local Governments. It also includes Universities and other public and private organisations. 
The conference is a unique opportunity:

  • - To interact and exchange directly with other European municipalities in a non-commercial environment,
  • - To discuss about the real challenges that municipalities currently deal about digitization,
  • - To test your ideas with 'digital leaders' from cities across Europe,
  • - To understand how to involve citizens in designing and achieving better outcomes,
  • - To see how to use data and information more effectively,
  • - To hear the truth, not the spin,
  • - To be informed, to be challenged, to be involved - and to have fun.
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