EC approves EUR 4 billion Ita…

EC approves EUR 4 billion Italian broadband plan

Public network for 7300 of Italy’s 8000 municipalities

In June, the European Commission approved Italy’s high-speed broadband plan to deliver fast Internet access to 7300 of the country’s 8000 municipalities. The EUR 4 billion plan will build a country-wide network infrastructure, improving Internet access for citizens, businesses, and public administrations - including schools and hospitals.

The 2015 Italian Strategy for high-speed broadband will build network infrastructure only in areas that lack ‘next generation’ access networks.

“This is not about connecting areas that are economically unattractive or that have been left behind”, the project’s website quotes Antonello Giacomelli. The state secretary at Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development points out that even in Italy’s richest and most-populated region, Lombardy, more than 70% of businesses are located in areas without high speed Internet access.

In a statement, Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "The broadband scheme will bring faster internet to Italian consumers and businesses. It will help Italy to build the necessary infrastructure and contribute to creating a connected Digital Single Market in the EU.”

From the site:

The strategy intends to bring:

  • Connectivity with a minimum of 100 Mbps for up to 85% of the Italian population, guaranteeing coverage of at least 30 Mbps download to all citizens by 2020;
  • Cover of at least 100 Mbps for offices and public buildings (particularly schools and hospitals); and
  • High-speed broadband in industrial areas.



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