EC eGovernment Action Plan fo…

EC eGovernment Action Plan for government modernisation

Published on: 28/04/2016
20 actions to boost online public services

The European Commission (EC) has set out 20 actions, from boosting eProcurement and creating an electronic VAT registration system to the development of cross-border eHealth services, all of which aim “to accelerate the implementation of existing legislation and the related take up of online public services”.

The Action Plan was announced in 2015, as part of the EC's Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe. The EC wants to spur the modernisation of public administration, and is keen to create cross-border interoperability. It should also become easier for citizens to interact electronically with public administrations.

The 20 actions detailed in the plan include transitioning to full electronic procurement, and the use of pan-European electronic eID and eSignature solutions. The European Commission will improve the mechanisms for registration and payment of VAT, and will gradually introduce the 'digital by default' and 'once-only' principles. The European eJustice Portal is to be come a one-stop shop for information on European justice and access to judicial procedures in the Member States. Other actions focus on the pan-European exchange of social security information, and on electronic solutions to report on transport, including maritime transport.

Seven principles

The Action Plan emphasises seven principles. Examples include the delivering of services digitally by default, and making these services open and interoperable.

The European Commission’s Action Plan was made public on 19 April. “Today's eGovernment action plan will modernise digital public services and make the EU a better place to live, work and invest”, the EC said in the statement.


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