eGovernment guide for Spain’s…

eGovernment guide for Spain’s local administrations

Published on: 23/08/2016

A new guidebook aims to help Spain’s local public administrations on eGovernment and digitalisation. The guide, titled ¡Digitalíza-t! (Digitalise yourself!) is published by the ICT department of Spain’s Ministry for Public Administration. The manual explains to local administrations how to transpose two national eGovernment laws (law 39/2015 and law 40/2015). The book also shows how to make use of ICT solutions made available by the ministry’s ICT department. “These laws give a strong impetus to the digitalisation of Spanish public administrations, and its requirements promote increased efficiency, innovation and modernisation”, the IT department writes in its announcement.

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The guidebook describes many ICT solutions, and acts as a catalogue to help local administrations comply with the law, the IT department adds. This should result in citizen-oriented, efficient eGovernment services,

The guide also explains what to take into account when adapting the organisations to new obligations. Local administrations do not have much time to implement the eGovernment laws, the report warns - the final deadline is 2 October 2019.

More information:

Announcement by the ICT Department of the Ministry for Public Administration (in Spanish)
¡Digitalíza-t! (PDF, in Spanish)