Estonia to promote its eResid…

Estonia to promote its eResidency in the USA

Published on: 28/08/2015

Estonia will be promoting its eResidency for online business in the United States. The country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Information System Authority (RIA) want to launch a media campaign, hoping to reach potential users such as business developers and software developers.

Estonia wants to use the media campaign to find the most effective approach, which it will then target to other markets, RIA explains in a statement published in August.

Estonia’s eResidency programme has so far attracted 2000 business owners from 83 countries, with a further 1500 applications pending. Most are from Finland (26 %), and Russia (12 %).

For business owners from outside the EU, the eResidency project would offer a way to create a Europe-based business, RIA explains. Using the programme allows users to start a business in Estonia, yet manage the affairs from anywhere. However, the eResidency project does not confer citizenship, tax residency, residence or right of entry to either Estonia or the European Union.

Possible cooperation

In June, Estonia talked about its eGovernment services platform in a presentation to representatives of the US White House. Representatives of both countries discussed possibilities of cooperation. The IT architect for Estonia’s Information System's Authority (EISA) Andres Kütt, in June also delivered a lecture at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think thank.


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