France assesses its public po…

France assesses its public policy evaluations

Published on: 30/08/2016

The French government is assessing how it evaluates its public policies. The assessment of its ‘Évaluer les politiques publiques’, (public policy evaluation, EPP) started in July and will last until December. Following 68 EPPs, it is now time to study the evaluation itself, comments SGMAP, France’s government modernisation unit.

A group of consultants and scientists are involved in the ‘meta-evalution’, writes SGMAP. The expert group is to focus on the EPP methods and results.

EPPs are intended to support the government decision making process. The open evaluations aim to transform public administration, and increase stakeholder participation.

Since the inception of the EPPs in December 2012, 78 such assessments have been started, of which 68 are now complete. Each ministry has organised at least one EPP. All EPPs can be tracked online.

More information:

Announcement by SGMAP, France’s government modernisation unit (in French)