France shares tips for effici…

France shares tips for efficient digital services

Published on: 06/09/2017

To help create exemplary digital services, France’s government modernisation unit (SGMAP) is sharing ten golden principles. These provide the basis for digital services that are efficient and close to their users (citizens).

Digital government services are not just a web form or a web site, SGMAP writes in its announcement. “It is an experience and a complete journey. It is also the interface between the user and the administration,” SGMAP adds, which is why these services should be easy to use, efficient, and as simple as possible.

These essential principles are one of the outcomes of the digital services dashboard SGMAP has used since 2012 to monitor user satisfaction for online services. Based on five years of results, the unit has identified success factors and best practices.

Exemplary digital services are easy to find and easy to use, SGMAP says at the start of its list of principles. A second principle is that they use clear and precise language. Third, it should be immediately clear that a user is on an official website of a public service.

The government modernisation unit also urges online services not to ask users to enter information that is already known to the government. Each online service should have a mentor who knows what users need, and who can act as the intermediary between users and public administrations.

SGMAP intends to make the principles part of a structured approach to online governmental services. The list will be included in SGMAP’s eGovernment toolbox, which already includes Pidila, a project management tool to help create government websites.

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