Governments Enabled with IPv6…

Governments Enabled with IPv6 (GEN6)

Published on: 07/05/2012

The pilot GEN6 will have 4 different national experiments (also called pilots), some of them replicated in a complementary way in different countries, considering different existing approaches with IPv4: 1. IPv6 upgrade of eGovernment Network Infrastructures, e-Identification, Services and Applications (Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey). 2. IPv6 upgrade of Secure Cloud Services (Luxembourg). 3. IPv6 upgrade of Energy Efficiency in School Networks (Greece). 4. IPv6 upgrade of Emergency Response Environments (Slovenia). 

 GEN6 will provide general guides for planning and transition steps. • IPv6 networks topologies and addressing types • IPv6 addressing technologies • IPv6 transition technologies and support • IPv6 deployment support The outcome of the national pilots will contribute to these guides and will provide additional documentation based on transition experience in the fields of: • network equipment (switches, router, firewalls, load balancers, …) • network provider access points (fiber, xDSL, …) • middleware and technologies like webservers, portals, databases The communication activities and roadshow of GEN6 will make sure that the achievements of the project are well disseminated during the project and especially in the last 6 months of the project, which are aimed to a targeted European-wide dissemination campaign aimed to the stimulation of the IPv6 take-up in public administrations and other relevant stakeholders (targeted to experts and public authorities). As a practical way to further stress this dissemination, an event will be organized in Brussels together with the EC, and a book with the project results will be delivered. Beside this, all classical way to promote GEN6 results are used, such as publications, Internet presence (web service, facebook, twitter) and presentations with special focus on eGovernment events, not forgetting clustering activities.