HU: High quality administrati…

HU: High quality administration increases competitiveness

Published on: 12/02/2014

Tibor Navracsics stated that the purpose of the renewal in public administration was to let entrepreneurs and employees solve their administrative matters simply and rapidly. This, whilst at the same time “let them feel that control over their matters belong to them, not to administrators”.

As the Tibor Navracsics disclosed, the transformation of administration, both public and state, was an effort of the Government to tie administrators closer to clients. Thereby, achieve that citizens do not have to pay extra attention to their matters.

Regarding the one-stop-shop of Balatonfűzfő, he said that the concept in mind was to link preexisting administrative offices to the system. Furthermore, it is about creating modern executive points with a wider scope, making available the possibility of solving problems for citizens from home.

He added that the network of one-stop-shops in public administration will be further expanded with more branches where it is reasonable, given demand.

According to the announcement of the Minister, nearly fifty one-stop-shops will open all around the country. Thye will be opened in places where there are preexisting administrative offices and the number of clients makes it viable.

Zoltán Kovács, Representative of the Government for Veszprém County emphasized in his speech that the new one-stop-shops are in accordance with the 21st Century approach. Furthermore, that they are up to date and all-encompassing, so the clients do not have to go from office to office with their cases to get their official matters solved. He remarked that the road leading to this point was long as the trust of citizens in public administration fell during the period preceding the change of government in 2010.


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