Hungary's new rules on electr…

Hungary's new rules on electronic administration come into effect

Published on: 06/06/2017

New rules on electronic transactions between public administrations and the private sector are about to come into effect in Hungary on 1 January. From that date onward, public administrations are required to support electronic transactions with companies and citizens.

Eüsztv - the law on electronic administrative transactions/procedures - is pushing the public sector to digitalise its services. The law defines reusable services such as electronics payments, and sets standards for identification and authorisation.

The country’s Elektronikus Ügyintézési Felügyelet (Electronic Administration Inspectorate, EÜF) has published the most important dates related to compliance with the new rules. This month, for example, EÜF expects public authorities to show their plans for meeting the new requirements.

Hungary’s IT consultants are capitalising on the Eüsztv. Through a new website, created by an eGovernment consultancy, an attorney and the MTA Information Technology Foundation, an NGO with ties to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, are offering assistance to the public sector in complying with legal and technical requirements.

“This is a very new situation for the organisations of Hungarian public administration. The website was made for them”, says Mihály Nyáry, who contributes to the Eüsztv website, and is one of the writers for the eGov Hírlevél eGovernment newsletter. “The public sector has many things to do in preparation for the big change.”

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