Italian Government has launch…

Italian Government has launched certified e-mails


On April the 26th the Italian Government has organized a press conference to present Posta Certificat@, the new, free e-mail service that enables citizens to legally communicate with Institutions through a personal certified e-mail box. The aim of this new service, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Public Affairs and Innovation, and realized by Telecom Italia, Poste Italiane and Postecom, is the achievement of a paperless bureaucracy in order to avoid waste of time, energy and money both for the Institutions and for the citizens. To get a Posta Certificat@ account, that gives a legal value to all the e-mails and attached materials coming from it, citizens have to register themselves on the governative web site and go to one of the designed post-office with a valid identification document, in order to sign-up the adhesion form. In addition, the Government has declared that are available by now some free extra services linked with the certified e-mail one : notification through “traditional” e-mail of the mails received on Posta Certificat@ mail box, an electronic booklet to store documents and the address book of all the Public Administration’ certified e-mails. Is important to know that this is the first time that Italy plans a "system" to communicate legal documents via email strengthening the link between the citizens with the PA. Furthermore, the large number of registrations has put out of order the related web site.

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