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Jersey eGovernment to be restarted

Jersey eGovernment to be rest…

Published on: 01/04/2015 News Archived

The government of Jersey is to restart its eGovernment project, according to press reports. The government failed to find a suitable contractor for the project and is reconsidering its objectives and approach. Jersey wants to make most of the island’s public administration services available online.

According to the Bailiwick Express newspaper the island’s government remains committed to the eGovernment project, as a key way to increae efficiency.

The government intends to put 75 per cent of state and parish services on the Internet within five years. Examples include allowing citizens to file their income taxes online, apply for planning permission, and apply for government services. Jersey also hopes to reduce the administrative burden for companies and citizens, by making it possible to share information between public administrations, and by increasing reuse of available data.

When presenting the project in March 2014, Jersey Chief Minister Ian Gorst said that only 7 per cent of government services are accessed over the Internet.


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