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France’s 8 digitisation flagship projects

Published on: 31/10/2017
Last update: 24/10/2019

FranceConnect, Data.gouv.fr, ‘Tell us once’: brief summaries of these and five other key government digitisation projects in France were published by the government modernisation unit (SGMAP) earlier this month. FranceConnect provides a single sign-on for over 20 eGovernment services, and in addition acts as a trusted third party for the exchange of data between public administrations. The service, created in 2016, in a few months grew to well over 100,000 users.

SGMAP's lighthouse digitisation projects

France’s open data platform, Data.gouv.fr - offering over 25,000 datasets - is managed by Etalab, the government open data unit within SGMAP. The goal is to make it easy to share and reuse public information. The unit also helps public services get ready for data sharing. “The platform of French public data is a symbol of openness,” writes SGMAP.

A third project summarised by SGMAP is entitled ‘Entrepreneurs d’Intérêt Général’ (EIG, or ‘Public interest entrepreneurs’). The project enlists talented developers and supervises them for 10 months each while they help solve public sector IT challenges. Pilot project examples include streamlining healthcare workflow, preventing traffic accidents, and improving cultural heritage. EIG aims to give public services experience with open innovation, and at the same time motivate citizens to become active participants.

SGMAP’s other flagship projects are:

  • Les ateliers citoyens (eParticipation);
  • Dites-le-nous une fois (government modernisation);
  • Futurs publics (government innnovation);
  • Les laboratoires d’innovation territoriale (improving cooperation between public sector organisations) ; and
  • Les startups d’état (government digitisation).


More information:

Announcement by SGMAP (in French)

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