Luxembourg seeks ideas to sim…

Luxembourg seeks ideas to simplify government

Published on: 29/01/2015

The government of Luxembourg is appealing its citizens to submit ideas to help make government procedures easier and increase efficiency. The portal dedicated to administrative simplification was officially opened on 6 November.

The new site was opened by Minister for the Interior Dan Kersch. VosIdees expands on a service that was already available on the government portal, managed by the country’s Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform.

Registration and use of the website is straightforward, requiring a name, password and a valid email address. Users can submit suggestions in either French, German or Luxembourgish. Topics can be submitted in four categories:

  • Administrative simplification;
  • Civic life;
  • Your relationship with the State;
  • Your suggestions.
Digital citizens

Each contribution is checked by the VosIdees team. A selection of submissions is posted on the site. Some suggestions are dealt with immediately, in replies published on the site, and practical suggestions are forwarded to relevant public administrations. Users, even non-authenticated ones, can rate and comment on the suggestions.

Suggestions currently posted on VosIdees include making online payments possible, allow online voting, sending reminders to renew passports or driving permits and making it easier to communicate with authorities using email instead of faxes.

Practical tools

The VosIdees website runs on a Linux server host, and uses open source software tools such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Jquery.


More information:

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