Malta unveils zoning planning…

Malta unveils zoning planning and permissions app

Published on: 22/07/2016

Malta’s Planning Authority has launched a smart phone application that provide online access to planning applications and can be used to report planning irregularities. The software should make zoning and planning more accessible to citizens and companies, and reduce bureaucracy.

The “Planning App (Malta)” was unveiled on 7 July at a press conference. The software was written by a Maltese IT startup, working in close cooperation with Malta’s Information Technology Agency (MITA).

Malta's 'Planning App'

Malta wants to stimulate social innovation through technical entrepreneurship and technology, said Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Emanuel Mallia, according to a press statement.


From the announcement:

Parliamentary Secretary Deborah Schembri said “this new mobile application complements the Government’s drive to make planning issues more accessible to the public. The new Planning Development Act and the legal notices which were published in the last few months, all point to better stakeholder participation in the planning process and decision making stage.” Dr. Schembri also noted that while it is the right of the public for information to be made easily available, [the app] also ensures that transparency is not only spoken about but more importantly acted upon.


The application combines a smartphone’s GPS with the Google Maps mapping service. The app is country-restricted, meaning it is meant for smart phones in Malta and is not readily available for smart phones in other countries.I’m the news editor for the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory & Repository (, part of OSOR & Joinup are projects by the European Commission on the sharing and reuse of software, by public administrations across Europe.


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