Map-based campaign promotes solar panels in Flanders

Map-based campaign promotes s…

Published on: 03/04/2017 News Archived

The government of the Belgian region of Flanders has renewed its efforts to promote the use of solar energy. An online geographic map calculates the suitability and profitability of placing solar panels on the roofs of buildings.

These roofs are suitable for solar panels

Given an address, the zonnekaart (solar map)2 will calculate how much solar energy can be created, the number of panels that can be placed, and estimate the savings and reduction in CO₂ em missions.

The map-tool can be used by home-owners, companies, supermarkets, schools, municipalities and all other organisations that want an estimate of the costs and advantages of solar energy. The website also provides links to licensed contractors.

The map is part of Flander’s ‘Zonneplan’ (Solar Plan), unveiled last summer by the Minster of Energy, Bart Tommelein.

The map has been developed by the region’s energy agency, information agency, and technology and research agency.

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