Millions saved by Spain’s eAd…

Millions saved by Spain’s eAdministration tool

Published on: 07/03/2016

Spain’s eAdministration solution, the ‘Sistema de Interconexión de Registros’ (Records Interconnection System, SIR), launched in 2012, now handles over 25,000 data entries per week. The solution has helped to save public administrations across the country some EUR 5 million in total, reports CTT, (Centro de Transferencia de Technologica) the Spanish government’s technology transfer centre.

“With 1,652,900 records exchanged, SIR has now saved over EUR 5 million”, CTT announced on 18 February.

The Record Interconnection System is now used by the central government, 8 of the 17 autonomous regional administrations, 1 province and nearly 700 local administrations. With other public administrations now implementing SIR, CTT expects the system to reach some 20,000 public administration offices.

Paperless office

SIR provides the principal eAdministration infrastructure for the secure exchange of electronic records by public administrations. The information exchange complies with the country’s laws and regulations governing such an exchange. SIR helps reduce the use of paper by public administrations. The system also increasing public administrations’ efficiency, CTT reports, with data being exchanged in mere minutes.

The SIR software is made available for free to all Spanish public administrations. They can download the software from the CTT repository.


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