Only one more month to benefi…

Only one more month to benefit from online interoperability test

Published on: 17/05/2017

Public administrations that want to make sure they have considered all the interoperability aspects of their public service, have only one more month to carry out a compact, online self-assessment. Until 17 June, the European Commission’s ISA² Programme is making available a 30 minute questionnaire that provides a tailored analysis, includes recommendations and offers concrete guidance for improvement.

The questionnaire is available here.

The questionnaire is part of the ISA² Programme’s Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM) project. The IMM can help public service owners evaluate and improve the interoperability of their online services, such as citizens accessing their electronic health records, businesses registering and paying for the filling of patents, and public administrations accessing European vehicle information.

Nowadays, public administrations can no longer exist in isolation, the ISA² Programme writes on its website. Public administrations must interact with many other administrative bodies, often across borders and sectors, and share and utilise services, data, and business processes with them. In other words, they must be interoperable.


Updates on ISA²’s IMM project can be found on the community on Joinup, ISA²’s eGovernment collaboration portal.

The ISA² programme supports the development of digital solutions that enable public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe to benefit from interoperable cross-border and cross-sector public services.

An offline version of the questionnaire will be accessible permanently.

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