Open standard for UK emergenc…

Open standard for UK emergency services

Published on: 16/06/2016

The United Kingdom is introducing an open standard for IT systems used by emergency services, the country’s Digital Service announced on 23 May. The ‘Multi-Agency Incident Transfer’ (MAIT) standard is to harmonise the exchange of information within the emergency responder community to streamline the flow incident information between agencies.

From the announcement:

“Coordinated by an incredible team of people from across the emergency services community and central government we have succeeded in delivering a standard which will transform the way emergency responders share information across and between organisations in the United Kingdom and will hopefully save lives by making telecommunications leaner and ultimately safer for all of us.”

MAIT grew out of the Direct Electronic Incident Transfer trial undertaken in Wales, writes BAPCO, a UK Association for professionals in public safety and civil contingencies communications and information systems.

The MAIT standards will now be implemented by the agencies of the UK’s Department for Transport: the British Transport Police, HM Coastguard and Highways England, along with BAPCO, writes James Findlay, Chief Information Officer for HS2 Ltd and Senior Responsible Owner for MAIT. BAPCO will help with organising MAIT hubs across the country, to accelerate adoption across emergency services in the UK.


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