Poland studies overhaul of eG…

Poland studies overhaul of eGovernment strategy

Published on: 26/10/2016

Integrated Digitalisation Programme adopted

Poland’s Ministry of Digitisation is working on an integrated approach to eGovernment services and public administrations ICT architecture. Last month, the government adopted the ministry’s ‘Program Zintegrowanej Informatyzacji Państwa’ (PZIP - national integrated digitalisation programme). PZIP aims to “create a coherent, logical and efficient state information system, providing eServices at national and European level in an effective way in terms of quality and cost.”

The PZIP foresees the creation of a single government portal for accessing eGovernment services. The ministry wants to improve the utilisation of public administration ICT resources, centralise data centres, and harmonise public administration electronic workflows. PZIP will also create a public records data reference model, to improve the use of such data.

An image from the PZIP report

PZIP sets out the executive development strategy for the Better Government 2020 Plan and the Operational Programme for a Digital Poland, the Ministry writes in its introduction. It will also influence the planning of government expenditure.

According to the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, the PZIP will create a Chief Information Officer (CIO) role.

The new strategy was announced earlier this year, and a draft version was open for public comments until July.

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