Poland’s officials switch to…

Poland’s officials switch to online asset declaration

Published on: 27/03/2017

Starting next month, public officials in Poland will be required to declare their assets online, using a newly unveiled eGovernment platform. The system is intended to fight corruption and reduce the amount of paper involved in asset declarations.

Poland's Minister of  Digitisation Anna Streżyńska illlustratres paper waste

The asset declaration portal was unveiled in mid-March. Its target users includes ministers, parliamentarians and other public officials. They are all required to use the online services to declare properties and other assets before the end of April.

The asset declaration can be stored electronically (although it can also be printed) and signed electronically, making it easier to file updates, which are required annually.

The asset declaration portal is a key project, the Ministry of Digitisation announced. The portal offers a cloud service, and is built on Poland’s eDocument solution EZD (Elektroniczne Zarządzanie Dokumentacją).

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