Portugal adds services to its…

Portugal adds services to its mobile app

Published on: 11/08/2016

Mobile phone app gives access to employment services

Portugal’s Agency for Administrative Modernisation (Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, AMA) has increased the number of eGovernment services that can be accessed through the agency’s smart phone application. Using mobile phones, users can now also access the employment services of the country’s Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP).

According to AMA the services were added following the revamp of the Simplex simplification and modernisation programme.

AMA is making its mobile app available for three different mobile phone operating systems, iOS, Windows Mobile and Android. These apps use Mapa do Cidadão, displaying the country’s eGovernment services centres (Espaços do Cidadão) on a geographic map. This lets users find the nearest service centre and, depending on the kind of service selected, lists document and information requirements, and provides the opportunity to schedule appointments.

By adding IEFP’s employment services, Simplex is taking another step towards creating a one-stop-shop eGovernment services point. IEFP helps the unemployed to find work, and offers HR services to employers.

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