Portugal to boost digital eco…

Portugal to boost digital economy with EUR 1.9 billion

Published on: 06/06/2016

Portugal is to invest EUR 1.9 billion, combining European and private funds, to advance the digital transformation of its economy, Pedro Marques, Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, announced at a conference in Lisbon in mid-May. “"Digitisation of the economy is a high priority for the government”, the minister is quoted as saying.

The overhaul will add technology to the school curriculum, and will enhance schooling for adults, the minister announced. With its so-called Digital Skills (Competências Digitais) initiative, Portugal hopes to train some 20,000 ICT professionals over the next four years.

The government will also introduce incentives for small and medium-sized businesses to create or extend their digital capabilities. Plans include subsidies for hiring ICT professionals, and improving the country’s technology centres.

Portugal wants to improve its telecom infrastructure, enlarging the network to at least 1100 civil parishes and investing in next generation networks.

“All this together will increase the capacity to digitise our economy”, the minister is quoted as saying.


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