Portugal offers IT training t…

Portugal offers IT training to government workers


Portugal’s Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA) is offering IT training that is open to all public administration staff members. The courses are intended to help modernise public administrations and to speed up the introduction of eGovernment services.

The three-week course on Technology, Automation and Electronic Administrative Law is coordinated by Professor Dr Miguel Silver Roque, from the University of Lisbon.

The use of Information Technology has revolutionised the relation between government and its constituents, AMA explains in its announcement. IT allows simplification of government procedures, increasing the quality and efficiency of public services.

The consequences of IT extend beyond the creation of eGovernment services, the agency adds. The technology is also reconfiguring the government’s methods and activities.

AMA expects that ‘Electronic Administrative Law’ will become a separate branch of law, that examines the legal and practical consequences of automation and computers. The topic is fundamental to understanding good administrative governance, to cutting red tape, and for simplifying public administration.

Course topics include interoperability, management of electronic communication platforms, and the fundamentals of automated decision making. Students will also be taught data protection methods, learn about privacy guidelines and methods for good governance.

In particular, the course is aimed at:

  • Senior public administration officials;
  • Members of the security forces;
  • Public administration’s IT staff members;
  • Judges in the courts and administrative tribunals;
  • Lawyers & legal firms staff members;
  • Researchers;
  • Master and PhD students.


The 3 week course will require at least 2 days per week. It includes 2 conferences.


More information:

AMA announcement (in Portuguese)
Online registration form (in Portuguese)

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