Romania publishes Smart City…

Romania publishes Smart City Guide

Published on: 12/12/2016

The government of Romania is making available its Smart City Guide, a compendium of international best practices and solutions. The guide aims to help public administrations create smart cities, contributing to openness, modern public administration and eGovernment services for healthcare and education. 

An illustration from the Smart City Guide

The Smart City Guide was made public on 2 December by Romania’s Ministry for ICT.

In the introduction, the guide explains that smart cities improve urban environments. Examples include better transport, increased safety, better healthcare, and reduction of waste and pollution. In all areas relating to modern urban environments, technology is one of the components of success, and is often the key factor, the guide writes. As a consequence, modern public administration is increasing in complexity. Smart city technologies are presented as the next level, replacing traditional networks and services, and using ICT to become more efficient.

The guide includes a summary of the ICT Ministry’s vision on smart cities, and sets out aims and objectives. The guide has sections on security, interoperability, smart eGovernment services, smart businesses, improved public administration, tourism, transport and healthcare.

More information:

Announcement of the Smart City Guide (in Romanian)