Slovakia adds SMS alerts to m…

Slovakia adds SMS alerts to mailbox for companies

Published on: 26/07/2017

Companies in Slovakia can now be alerted by SMS or email whenever a message is delivered to their government-supplied mailbox. As of this month, use of the electronic mailboxes is required for communication between companies and public administrations.


The SMS/email alert option should prevent companies from having to check their mailboxes needlessly, explains NASES, the country’s Agency for Network and Electronic Services, which manages the system.

As of 1 July, companies in the Slovak Republic will no longer receive regular mail from the country’s public administrations. Municipalities, courts, notaries and other functionaries are required to use the government mailboxes. NASES has created these mailboxes for all companies and organisations that are registered and based in the country.

Access to the mailbox is limited to accredited users, who need to identify and authenticate themselves with an electronic ID and a personal security code. However, they are free to print and forward messages in the mailbox.

The SMS/email alerts can be set up and configured on the mailbox portal,

More information:

Announcement by National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (in Slovak)