Slovakia amends law to create…

Slovakia amends law to create public record system

Published on: 05/04/2017

The government of Slovakia is about to amend its eGovernment Act, to allow for the creation of a central system for managing public records. Slovakia intends to have this central system in place by 2020.

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Over the past few months, the necessary changes to the eGovernment Act were open for comments, reports NASES, the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services. According to IT news site Živé, feedback was aggregated by several working groups, which included NGO and IT trade groups.

The new systems will help improve and harmonise eGovernment services and procedures. The central system should especially reduce costs. The use of the centralised public records system is to be made mandatory. Public administrations that already have public record solutions in place will be given time to transition to the new, central system. They will be able to choose to integrate their system directly with the central portal, or use local copies of the central registry.

The central public records systems is part of Slovakia’s eGovernment Plan - Národná koncepcia informatizácie verejnej správy (NKIVS). Its core tenets include building standardised, modular, interoperable and technology-neutral IT systems, to deliver user-friendly eGovernment services.

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