Slovakia to increase broadban…

Slovakia to increase broadband coverage

Published on: 26/09/2016

The government of Slovakia aims to increase broadband network access in the county. Together with network operators, it is mapping which parts of the country do not yet have broadband access.

According to announcements by Informatizacia - an eGovernment and ICT advisory organisation, part of the Ministry for Investment and Computerisation, a survey is being organised involving the country’s Internet service providers, to determine which parts of the country have network speeds of less than 30Mbps. The survey will be launched in the first week of October. Four to five weeks later, the final list of Slovakia’s network white spots will be made public.

An online speedtest page

The method to determine which areas lack broadband network access was discussed with telecom providers in August.

The government has a budget of EUR 30 million to improve broadband access.

More information:

Announcement by Informatizacia (in Slovak)
Announcement by Informatizacia (in Slovak)