Slovakia project to reduce ad…

Slovakia project to reduce administrative burden


The Slovak Republic wants to reduce the administrative burden on citizens and companies, and to avoid the need to repeatedly request information. The Ministry of Finance in February signed a contract for a base registry to make it possible for public administrations to exchange data and information. The EUR 13 million project will also result in standards for data sharing between public administrations.

The lack of a central base registry system, is causing public administrations to record and manage information that already exist in separate systems. This results in errors that often require manual corrections”, the ministry said in a memo. Exchanging information between these systems is difficult, and given the number of public administrations involved, inefficient.”

The ministry expects to recover its investment in seven years.

The Finance Ministry is managing the country’s Information Society Programme, and in February started three more projects on government modernisation. The first of these will result in an enterprise management solution, which will public administrations manage their projects and information. The ministry has earmarked EUR 12 million for this management solution.

The second project, projected to cost EUR 42 million, involves the building of a government cloud system. This system is meant to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining government administration systems.

The third project (EUR 29 million) will improve Internet and ICT facilities at schools across the country. Schools systems will be integrated in the network of the Ministry of Education. It is projected to help teachers organise their classes, allow delivery of educational content and reduce the IT management burden on schools.

All four projects are financed in part by the European Regional Development Fund.


More information:

Press release from the Ministry of Finance (in Slovak)

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