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Slovenian ministries pilot eC…

Slovenian ministries pilot eCar sharing

Published on: 28/02/2017

The Ministry for Infrastructure and the Ministry of Public Administration in Slovenia have begun a one-year pilot to test car sharing. Earlier this month, the ministries signed a contract that lets 50 staff members share electric vehicles. After one year, the cost of car sharing and their use will be compared to the costs and use of cars owned by the ministries.

Go electric cars

This makes Slovenia one of the first countries to use electric cars for car sharing, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Public Administration. The project could make Slovenia a reference example, the ministry writes.

“The parking places for the electric cars are right in front of the buildings”, a spokesperson for the ministry explained. “This makes it really easy for staff members to use the service.”

Current vehicles owned by the Ministry of Public Administration are on average 10 years old. The ministry wants to use the pilot to decide whether to buy new vehicles or introduce alternative mobility services for its staff members. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, there are 600 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants. These vehicles spend 95 % of their time parked - calling into doubt the rationality of car ownership, the Ministry writes. “Car sharing improves efficiency, and in urban areas we want car sharing to be the norm.”

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