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Luxembourg supports blockchain technology testbed

Published on: 31/10/2017
Last update: 24/10/2019

The government of Luxembourg is currently one of the five node operators in a blockchain testbed that aims to build and offer blockchain-as-a-service to companies and public services. The Infrachain project, based in Luxembourg and led by the private-sector, hopes to improve trust in blockchain-based services by offering (government) certification and service level agreements.

The Infrachain non-profit was founded in May by the government of Luxembourg and a consortium of technology firms. Their goal is to create a governance model to supplement blockchain, an emerging technology for managing digital records that does not require a central administrator. To build trust in its new service, Infrachain will share publicly everything it builds.

“Our management framework, our rules on membership, certification schema, our documentation, everything we add will be made public,” said Patrick Houtsch, Deputy Director of the Luxembourg government IT Centre. Houtsch presented the Infrachain initiative at the Ministerial e-Government Conference in Tallin (Estonia) on 6 October.

Houtsch said public sector organisations need to start playing with blockchain technology, so that they can learn and prepare for its adoption. According to him, there are many pilot projects involving public sector organisations, but the technology still has to prove itself. The government IT centre deputy director expects blockchain to give citizens better control over the data that lies in the hands of public services. The technology can be used by citizens to gain trust from such services, without having to hand over personal data. “Smart contract can do operations on the data without actually needing access to the data,” Houtsch said. He also expects blockchain to help improve electronic voting solutions.

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