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Spain to overhaul its ICT governance policy

Spain to overhaul its ICT gov…

Published on: 28/09/2015 News Archived

The Spanish government is to renew its ICT governance model, the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration announced. Setting strategic objectives and finding new ways to create value using ICT, is one of the priorities of the new ICT Strategy Committee (Comisión de Estrategia TIC, or CETIC), which was appointed in September.

CETIC is to push Spain’s eGovernment strategy, the ministry explains in a statement, by promoting eGovernment processes, improving efficiency, increasing openness and reducing costs.

Following its new ICT governance model, CETIC is to work on a cloud computing solution, that should connect Spanish and European public administrations, allowing information exchange and providing access to government services. This cloud eGovernment platform SARA (Sistema de Aplicaciones y Redes para las Administraciones) aims to reach the vast majority of Spain’s citizens.

Cloud computing

The SARA cloud is just one of four communication infrastructure modernisations that Spain is undertaking. The country will continue to extend its data exchange platform to make sure citizens and companies do not need to submit data that is already know by Spanish administrations. The central government will also continue to expand its unified communication platform, already connecting almost 4000 government offices in Spain and 125 countries. The fourth large-scale ICT infrastructure project is Spain’s electronic records interexchange service (Sistema de Interconexión de Registros), allowing public administrations to exchange data and electronic documents.

The Ministry’s announcement also pointed to progress made in other existing ICT projects, including Cl@ve. This is an approach to eID that aims to unify and simplify the use of eID for Spanish eGovernment services. Closely related is the eSignature services, which this year alone has processed over 190 million transactions, the ministry writes.


More information:

Announcement by Spain’s Ministry of Finance and Public Administration (PDF, in Spanish)