Spain promotes sharing of pub…

Spain promotes sharing of public sector information

Published on: 04/11/2016

The Agencia Española de Protección de Dato (AEPD), Spain’s agency for data protection, is encouraging the country’s public administrations to share their information. In October, the agency published a manual intended for managers at public administrations on how to facilitate information sharing, while keeping sensitive data safe.

“Technological innovation is essential for economic growth and employment, and it is necessary to formulate proposals to reconcile these elements and the fundamental right to data protection of citizens”, AEPD said in a statement.

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The 'Guidelines and guarantees in the process of personal data anonymisation' were published on 13 October. AEPD also published guidelines to help public administrations understand how to make personal data anonymous.

According to the agency, the biggest risks associated with making public sector information available and reusing it, is that citizens can be identified by combining data sets and personal data. However, these risks should not restrict the reuse of public sector information, AEPD writes.

Public sector information has undeniable advantages for innovation and economic growth, the agency explains. Some estimates say public sector information could create between EUR 450 - 500 million in turnover, and create some 4,500 jobs.

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