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MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance is here!

The special event in Rome

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Published on: 17/01/2018 Last update: 24/01/2018 News Archived

The MAPPING Project is focused on bringing together different stakeholders - including, business and online service providers, governmental organizations, civil society and academics - to collectively share knowledge and experience, think together on issues, decision-making, and practices, and develop recommended ways forward on the issue of Internet Governance. The developments in the MAPPING project and the possible use at UN level of the 'MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance' (mentioned by Prof. Joe Cannataci in his capacity as UN Special Rapporteur for Privacy in his annual report to the UN General Assembly on 20 October 2017), have received considerable international attention.

The meeting on 18 and 19 January 2018 aims to present this 'MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance' and encourage open discussions among the participants. The draft that will be presented has matured and evolved over the past two years through the invaluable and crucial input and critiques of a wide variety of stakeholders and experts from around the globe. During the meeting possible paths on the way forward and next steps to be taken will be discussed.

Please find a draft of the 'MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance' via:

The Surveillance event will be recorded and the videos are expected to be available (via this website) in the week following the event.

Should you wish to send us any feedback on the 'MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance', please do so by sending an email to

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