Sweden to compare Nordic eHea…

Sweden to compare Nordic eHealth initiatives

Published on: 30/08/2016

Sweden is funding research by the Swedish Association for Medical Informatics (SFMI) to compare eHealth initiatives in the Nordic countries, the government announced last week.

The comparison with neighbouring countries should help Sweden develop its own eHealth initiatives, which is one of its priorities, the government said in a statement.

Part of the cover page of the government's 20125 eHealth vision

The SFMI will monitor a number of eHealth initiatives in Scandinavia, and collect data that will allow it to compare the various projects. The new study is a follow-up to earlier research, titled ‘Nordic eHealth Indicators’, explains the association.

The results of the SEK 250,000 (about EUR 27,000) study are expected in late March next year.

Sweden’s government and SKL, the country’s association of local authorities and regions, in March this year presented their common vision for eHealth services. By 2015, the country wants to provide the world’s best digitalised health and welfare services.

More information:

Announcement by the government of Sweden (in Swedish)
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