Sweden re-evaluates eID needs…

Sweden re-evaluates eID needs and requirements

Published on: 08/03/2016

The Swedish government is re-evaluating its approach to electronic identification tools. A report will be submitted at the end of the month, summarising the changing needs and requirements of public administrations, compared to the available private sector solutions.

For their eGovernment services, Swedish public administrations commonly procure private sector eID solutions under a country-wide framework agreement signed in 2008. This contract will end this summer, which is why Sweden is studying the alternatives. The report is compiled by the Swedish E-identification Board.

The Board last week also listed three temporary alternatives. One option is to use the eID solution proposed by the Board. The Board has created a solution which acts as a bridge between public administrations and eID solution suppliers.

The second option is to use the software and services framework contract agreed in 2014 between Sweden’s National Procurement Services and pre-selected companies.

The third option for public administrations is to procure their own solution.

The Board recommends that, when contracting eID solutions, public administrations specify that these must comply with the European Union’s eIDAS regulation, as well as with Sweden’s own eID regulations.


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