UK continues to refine centra…

UK continues to refine central govt. platform

Published on: 06/06/2016

The United Kingdom is continuing to improve its central eGovernment service platform, GOV.UK. “The major focus of our improvement effort this year is to make it possible for organisations across government to join their content together as coherent services for users”, writes Neil Williams, head of GOV.UK.

The UK’s Government Digital Service is rebuilding the way services publish and share content on GOV.UK, providing a publishing API. GDS is standardising publishing methods, to harmonise the look of content that is being made available. The agency is also merging several databases into one, to prevent data duplication and data mismatches, and is improving the caching technology for the platform.

Other priorities for this year include an easier way to tag content, and the implementation of an improved classification of information (taxonomy).

GOV.UK hopes that, by the end of March 2017, it will have everything in place. It will then begin transforming and re-categorising all government content. “It's a task comparable in scale to the original programme of transitioning content onto GOV.UK”, William writes.

The organisation will report on its progress every 2 weeks.


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