UNPAN reports improvements fo…

UNPAN reports improvements for most EU countries

Published on: 01/08/2016

The United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) 2016 UN eGovernment Survey shows improvements in most of the lower ranking EU Member States. While in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania, eGovernment services improved, these were lower than the European average.

Five EU Member States ranking lower in the UNPAN eGovernment Survey

The UN’s eGovernment Development Index (EGDI) is based on three other indices, which provide a measure of the grade of telecommunications infrastructure, human capital and a survey assessing government’s online presence (OSI). The OSI survey questionnaire assesses features related to online service delivery, including whole-of-government approaches, open government data, eParticipation, multi-channel service delivery, mobile services, usage up-take, digital divide as well as innovative partnerships through the use of ICT.

Compared with the UNPAN data aggregated in 2014, the 2016 Survey reports improvements in eGovernment services major in Bulgaria. The eGovernment Development Index (EGDI) increased to 0.64 (from 0.54 in 2014) with the OSI rising to 0.57 (from 0.24 in 2014).

The Czech Republic shows similar improvements, with the EGDI rising to 0.65 (from 0.61 in 2014), and the OSI going to 0.48 (from 0.37 in 2014). Similarly, Romania improved its eGovernment services, just not as much as other European countries. The country’s EGDI of 0.56 remained the same as in 2014, with the European average increasing to 0.72 (from 0.60 in 2014). The online service index (OSI) rose to 0.46 (from 0.44 in 2014), while the European average increased to 0.7 (from 0.57 in 2014).

In Hungary the EGDI dropped to 0.67 (from 0.66 in 2014), and the OSI dropped to 0.56 (from 0.66 in 2014). In Slovakia the 2016 UN eGovernment Survey seems to indicate that eGovernment services worsened. The 2016 EGDI dropped to 0.59 (from 0.64 in 2014), and the OSI decreased to 0.44 (from 0.48 in 2014).

From the UNPAN 2016 UN eGovernment Survey:

For eGovernment to realise its full potential impact on development, it needs to be accompanied by measures to ensure access and availability of ICT and make public institutions more accountable and more responsive to people’s needs. eGovernment is but one small part of the major effort we are undertaking to close the deep inequalities that continue to exist between countries and within societies. It is important to mobilise its contribution while taking into account the various levels and characteristics of countries’ development and keeping the focus on realising the Sustainable Development Goals.


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