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Latvia pilots use of AI for eGovernment service


The government of Latvia is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its eGovernment services. Intelligent machines are used to make government data more accessible, and to make better use of that data, for example in answering questions posed by citizens or public services. Latvia presented its use of AI in public services at the Internet Governance Forum 2017 conference (IGF) earlier this month. A screenshot from the presentation

Edmunds Beļskis, Deputy State Secretary for Information and Communication Technologies at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development showed how AI is used to make eGovernment services available in multiple languages by translating texts, documents and websites. Spoken communication is one way to make online services accessible to users with visual impairments. Multilingual services help foreigners living in Latvia, or doing business in the country.

The country is also using virtual agents to enhance customer support. The combination of speech and text interface can help users find answers, Mr Beļskis said.

Latvia will present its use of intelligent machines at the AI for Good Global Summit, to take place in Geneva, in May 2018.

More information:

Presentation by Edmunds Beļskis (PDF)
Session at the IGF 2017
Announcement by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (in Latvian)

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