Visegrad countries and Bulgar…

Visegrad countries and Bulgaria compare eGovernment practices

Published on: 20/02/2015

Best practices in the implementation of eGovernment services by public administrations in Bulgaria will be compared with those in the Visegrad countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, at a workshop in Sofia on 26 February. According to a press announcement, Bulgaria’s coalition government is making the modernisation and increase of eGovernment services one of its priorities.

The workshop will include presentations on the current state of eGovernment in Bulgaria, by the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications.

Basscom, a trade group representing software companies in Bulgaria, is participating in the workshop. Earlier this month, the trade group published a booklet which includes an overview of eGovernment programs for each of the participating countries.

In the brochure, the Czech ICT Alliance presents the country’s Czech Point and Base Registries, ICT solutions that organise the exchange of information between Czech public administrations, companies and citizens. The Hungarian Interior Ministry included references to the pilot for a country-wide eGovernment service system, the development of the country’s new e-card system and plans for state registries.

The Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization highlights the development of a national broadband infrastructure, the creation of eGovernment services and programmes to increase citizens’ digital competence. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic draws attention to the national eID card, and notes how this can be used by citizens to manage all correspondence with public administrations.

The workshop is to be held the embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia from starts at 08:45 to 18:00.


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