Wallonia claims success for i…

Wallonia claims success for its Digital Strategy


The government of the Walloon region in Belgium says that its Digital Strategy has had a good first year, it reported in January.

Wallonia's eGovernment progress

Digital Wallonia published its report on 19 January. The strategy encompasses all of the government's actions to promote the digital transformation of the region, in both the public and the commercial sector. The strategy has a budget of EUR 500 million.

Wallonia wants to modernise government service delivery and make it ‘digital by default’. It has created a online enterprise portal, aggregating 18 existing services. It has also made the first 150 government data sets publicly available on its open data portal and overhauled its geoportal, providing access to all of the region’s geodata.

High speed retailers

In addition, the region has invested EUR 1.7 million in 23 digital start-up companies and is stepping up its efforts to digitise and digitalise companies in the region.

Last year, the region launched two projects, to improve the digital skills of the region’s retailers, and to help them get online. Wallonia has also signed agreements with telecommunication companies to improve existing infrastructure and build high speed networks.

More information:

Digital Wallonia announcement (in French)

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