Wallonia overhauls its geopor…

Wallonia overhauls its geoportal

Published on: 29/08/2016

On 26 July, Belgium’s Walloon Region unveiled the update of its WalOnMap geoportal, which provides access to all of the region’s public geodata. The site is to handle a catalogue of geodata managed by the Region’s authorities and public administrations. The geoportal also includes a maptool, which lets visitors view dynamic maps.

The WalOnMap geoportal replaces the Region’s earlier geodata portal, built in 2013. Improvements include usability and readability, reported RTBF, the region’s public broadcaster.

Screenshot from the WalOnMap site

One of the main tasks of the WalOnMap geoportal is to manage and provide access to the region’s inventory of geodata. All data is to be made available for download, or to be accessible directly via webservices. The second goal is to view geographic data on a zoomable and searchable map, allowing visitors to see for example cadastre data, Natura 2000 areas, public transport stops and historic maps.

Other services offered by the Geoportal of Wallonia include:

  • a catalogue of dynamic and static maps;
  • a catalogue of geographic data and web services;
  • relevant news and events, and
  • information on the European INSPIRE directive.

WallOnMap is a part of the ambition of the Region’s Digital Wallonia strategy, writes the regional government. This strategy aims to accelerate digitalisation and the online availability of public services.

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