Xtralingua 2.0 - A Tool for Extracting Quantitative Text Profiles

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The goal of the Xtralingua tool is to build a desktop Graphical User Interface that provides users with an easy way to extract quantitative text profiles from multilingual texts. The tool is modular and open source, in order to be easily accessible and adaptable to specific scientific needs. This project, which is rooted in the Google Summer of Code program, attempts to boost and facilitate research in the field of Natural Language Processing and beyond, as it will make text analysis accessible to people with little to none computer science knowledge, such as linguistics students and scholars.

This is the second release of the software, originally presented at the Digital Humanities 2020 virtual conference. The relevant poster below has a link/QR code to GitHub, which contains the installer and the code to Xtralingua. A help desk email account is also provided.



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