Service workflow does not start automatically when the service id is provided during the login (either as a user or as a guest)

Published on: 23/09/2011

For every municipality which participates in LGAF, there is a main website which displays information for all the services the municipality offers. Some of these services are offered online (electronic services) and therefore they are accompanied by a link to the services portal which is responsible to provide to the user the necessary tools to actually use these services. This link contains information about the municipality (municipalityId) whose site the user is visiting and the identifier of the service (serviceId) she wants to use. This way, when the user is redirected to the services portal, the portal already knows which service must be initialized after a successful login by the user. (There are services which do not require a login and hence the portal is redirecting user directly inside its control panel). In either cases, the selected service form does not appear in the control panel but rather all available services for the municipality are displayed. Some examples of either cases: Service which requires login and a service which does not require login In other words, the workflow of the service does not start automatically although the services portal knows the selected service apriori.

ProductService Portal
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aapostolakis (not verified)
Thu, 29/09/2011 - 17:02

Fixed bug in ServicePortal and deployed on