About opencemetery

opencemetery is one of free municipal software of openMairie project : http://openmairie.org. OpenCemetery has for objective to manage the concessions of cemeteries; authorizations, management of place, the works in the concession and the term of the concession. Cemetery management becomes increasingly complex nowadays: * The place is becoming limited in urban areas, and cities provide temporary concessions that require more management efforts. * With more dislocation of family members, some concessions are no longer maintained, * Families are restructured and it is difficult manage authorizations. In this context, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage concessions manually with files: * What are the available concessions? * Which ones will be available in the future? *How much place for each concession? *Who is the entitled to decide? How to contact them? opencemetery can assist in this context, in this highly policy related area, yet also very important for the local public service. opencemetery wants to help professionals working in this area: - Management of the concessions’ site - Management of authorizations - Management of the term of the lease: transfer of the deceased, transfer to the ossuary -Management of concessions that are free - Systematic archiving of all data to form a common database. With customizable tools (Requests, mail types, states), opencemetery is a flexible and adaptable to any organization regardless of the size of the community.


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