S&R Knowledge Sharing Modules

The ISA² programme has produced 3 knowledge sharing modules that provide additional information to the recommendations and guidelines of the Sharing and Reuse Framework for IT Solutions and present examples of best practises within Member States. The modules are aimed at public administrations, policymakers, central body representatives and IT service providers. They can be used freely as self-instruction material or training material for group information sessions or workshops for public administrations on sharing and reuse of IT solutions in different areas.  The 3 knowledge sharing modules are:

  1. Generic Knowledge Sharing Module
  2. Specific Knowledge Sharing Module For Policy Makers
  3. Specific Knowledge Sharing Module for IT Managers  

The knowledge sharing modules were presented at 3 pilot information sessions conducted in Portugal, Poland and Ireland. All feedback and input received during the pilot sessions has been incorporated in the knowledge sharing modules where applicable. The modules will be updated based on feedback received during future information sessions in other Member States to be conducted in Q4 2017 and in 2018.


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