ePractice Journal-eHealth & Beyond-Vol.8-December 2009

Published on: 17/12/2009
Last update: 04/06/2014

The European Journal of ePractice is a peer-reviewed online publication on eTransformation, launched in November 2007. The Journal belongs to the ePractice.eu community, is sponsored by the European Commission as part of its good practice exchange activity and is run by an independent Editorial Board.

The aim of European Journal of ePractice (EJeP) is to reinforce the visibility of papers as well as that of professionals in eTransformation building an author's community which will strengthen the overall ePractice.eu activity. The publication promotes the diffusion and exchange of good practice in eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion and is open access, free of any charge to all readers.

The current issue acknowledges that despite the many advances in technology, deployment has lagged behind. This is due to barriers that originate at different levels and are associated to a multitude of technological, cultural, legal, political and market related factors. As a result of these barriers, this issue aims to to show how and through which mechanisms, Europe is dealing with these challenges.

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